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Corfu Island, an emerald green island off Greece’s northwest coast in the Ionian Sea. A cosmopolitan timeless and four season destination full of natural beauty and a myriad of historic landmarks to explore. From Venetian fortresses to Palaces and isles, Corfu has a lot to impress you with.

The island has been habited since the Palaeolithic Era. The history of Corfu (named Kerkyra in Greek) goes back to the 8th century BC when the island was called Korkyra, after the daughter of the river-god Esopus. Kerkyra was a nymph, born from Asopo river whom Poseidon fell in love with and brought her to the island and named it after her. Korkyra was renamed to Kerkyra in the Doric dialect.


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Useful Information

217 km of coastline

The lushest island of Greece (2 mil olive trees)

Almost 3000 years of history

The length of the island is 64 km

Corfu has almost 250 days of sun

The Old Corfu town is declared a UNESCO

World Heritage Monument

Two impressive Venetian fortresses

Highest peak: 911m (Monte Pantokratoras)

Corfu Town

A combination of old and new blended in perfect harmony.


Situated in the center of the island’s east coast, lies the capital, Corfu Town, the largest town and harbor of all the Ionian islands, the capital of Eptanisa. Corfu town is divided, into two parts, the new city, and the old Corfu Town. Europe Hotel is located about 1.4 kilometers away.


The old town of Corfu is just spectacular, magical, with tall Italian architectural monuments (arches), the “Mouragia” (sea-walls) and endless narrow alleys, called Kantounia, deeply reminiscent of the older Venetian influence, the old Corfu town has been rightfully declared a UNESCO World Heritage Monument.


If you only just started searching and seeking information for your next holiday destination or have already decided that you are coming to Corfu, or even have already booked your next holiday in Corfu Island with us, then you have come to the right place. Below you will find information that will help you make the most out of your stay at Europe Hotel.

Events in Corfu

Corfu at Easter is definately a thrill that you do not want to miss, abundant with an extensive calendar of religious and cultural activities! Visitors come from across the country and abroad to celebrate with the locals the arrival of spring. A handful of traditions that lived through centuries and old festivities explode majestically during Easter, with the procession of the Holy body of Corfu’s protector Saint Spyridon