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Eat well and travel often, this is the motto of a modern traveller who considers food and gastronomy as a decisive factor along their stay when choosing a holiday destination. Luckily for those that choose Corfu island as a holiday destination, food and gastronomy is part of the local history and culture, so a holiday in Corfu is more than a beach holiday or a romantic break.

With influences from France and Italy, the corfiot cuisine is a delicious blend of the Greek and the mediterranean cuisine which is famous all around the world for its rich and tasty flavours. If you are a foodie, while holidaying in Corfu island and staying at Corfu Palace, you ought it to yourself to try and experience the local cuisine. Below we will present you with 3 must have Corfiot dishes that would delight your palate.


The number one must-have corfiot dish in our blog is the famous Pastitsada, a traditional local dish that is made either with rooster or beef in a tomato sauce casserole composed with various spices and served either with spaghetti or fried potatoes while others enjoying it with mash potatoes! What makes pastitsada special is the mixed spice used to give the meat a richer taste and the combination of cinamon, red wine and vinegar that give pastitsada its rich red color.


Number two on our must have corfiot dishes list, is the delicious sofrito, it is a traditional corfiot dish made with beef and cooked in a white wine sauce with lots of garlic and lots of fresh parsley, and is usually served with mashed potatoes or rice. The Corfiot sofrito is a dish that mostly was influenced by the Venetians as the name in italian means “slightly roasted”. Get ready to enjoy a beef fillet, cooked with a garlic infused white wine sauce.


Last but not least in our must have Corfiot dishes list, is bourdeto, with yet another Italian inspired named from the word “brodetto” which means -broth, the corfiot bourdeto is not a fish soup. Bourdeto is for the fish – lovers. A deliciously spiced up simple dish which is made with different sorts of fish, – the best version of corfiot bourdeto is made with scorpion fish – cooked in a spicy tomato sauce and is served with or without boiled potatoes.

If you in Corfu don’t miss the chance to experience any of the above most popular must-have Corfiot dishes. Eat like a local. Enjoy for your lunch, a Pastitsada, like we do at our own homes traditionally, dip french fries in your bourdeto sauce and have your Sofrito with as much garlic as you can.

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